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AI 100 Recording: Artificial Super Intelligence / New Opportunity


Two things for today:

  • Next AI100 Session Is Rescheduled

  • Notes From Last Week’s ASI Session

The Next And Final AI 100 Live Masterclass Is Postponed Until July 11.

I completely forgot that I will be in Chicago this week. And next week is July 4 in the US. So the next session will be Wednesday, July 11 at 1-2:30m EST.

Save the date in your calendar and see you then!

This week, I will be sending out an article on a new paradigm in mastering the creation of longform content that I am moving into.

ASI Session Overview

Last Thursday, as part of the AI 100 series, I facilitated a 90-minute session on Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

By far the biggest potential implication of AI is the possible advent of ASI that rapidly recursively improves itself so that it’s 1,000x faster, 1,000x smarert, and 1,000x more numerous than humans.

The potential impact of ASI is much greater than the potential impact of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), which is AI that reaches human-level intelligence. And, it…

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