Blockbuster Blueprint: Alignment Stage (Index)

This page houses the articles I wrote that talk in more detail about the Stage 1 of the Blockbuster Blueprint.

I shared the core model in this article: Blockbuster Blueprint: The Most Comprehensive Map Of Thought Leadership (Based On Thousands Of Hours Of Development).

This stage is important because if you are out of alignment internally, creating content will feel like a bore or a chore. If you are out of alignment externally, you will not create content that resonates. The most successful thought leaders love what they do so much that they would still do it without money. Yet, they become so good that they have a huge impact and create wealth.

If you want to explore all of the articles where I talk about different aspects of the Align stage, you can find them on this link. Some of them I’ve covered in the newsletter, others I will be covering in the future so stay tuned…

Here’s my personal pick: