Blockbuster Blueprint: Creation Stage (Index)

This page houses the articles I wrote that talk in more detail about the Stage 6 of the Blockbuster Blueprint.

I shared the core model in this article: Blockbuster Blueprint: The Most Comprehensive Map Of Thought Leadership (Based On Thousands Of Hours Of Development).

Most people think that creating content is primarily what thought leadership is. In actuality, it’s just the final stage. It means drafting, structuring, and editing your idea so that it is easy, enjoyable, and beneficial to read.

Your content is the spark for the fire of your ideas. Without the spark, the fire will not ignite.

If you want to explore all of the articles where I talk about different aspects of the Create stage, you can find them on this link. Some of them I’ve covered in the newsletter, others I will be covering in the future so stay tuned…

Here’s my personal pick:

  • Case Study: Inside The Anatomy Of A Viral Video Clip. On Monday at 7:00am EST, I posted a video clip of Viktor Frankl on LinkedIn. The 1972 speech poetically explains why being idealistic about for who someone can become should always trump the realism of who they are now… As I write this a day later, 2,000+ people have liked the post…

  • How To Craft Sound Bites Like Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is one of the best science communicators ever. But, he wasn't born that way. In this clip, he shares his step-by-step approach for the first time.

  • How To Create Suspense Like Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) is one of the most influential directors in the history of cinema. In his 60-year career, his films were nominated for a whopping 46 Academy Awards. Today’s lesson is on how to create suspense.