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BONUS #1: The 80/20 Mastery Manual

One of my lifelong passions has been researching, collecting, and creating mental models—models of how different aspects of reality work. In the Mental Model Club, a subscription-based encyclopedia I co-founded with Eben Pagan, I taught and shared over 50 mastery manuals of diverse mental models, and I want to gift you one of them today.

The most useful and universal (and the most famous) mental model: The 80/20 Rule, or the Pareto Principle.

This mental model says that most of your results are going to come from just a small percentage of your effort or work.

But there’s a lot more to it than simply “20% of efforts yield 80% of results”...

The 80/20 Mastery Manual is the product of 200+ hours over many months, an impressive number of books on the 80/20 rule, and valuable input from 10+ mental model and 80/20 rule experts. Based on this, I believe it is the most condensed and in-depth explanation of the 80/20 rule that has ever been created, with many examples and practical tools to apply this universal principle to all areas of your life.

BONUS #2: Top Curators On The Internet

The amount of information is growing exponentially while our time to consume it remains the same, and this creates information overwhelm.

In the past, we humans have created new devices to manage that overwhelm (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, cataloging system, metadata, search, newsfeed). This 33-page document is a continuation of that desire to find the signal in the noise.

It was created after we spent thousands of hours online looking for the best curators, thinkers, explainers, summarizers, and trends.

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