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Rare Conversation With My 30-Year Friend Cal Newport


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview one of my longest-lasting friends—Cal Newport.

The conversation was fascinating because we have so much shared history:

  • We became close friends in middle school

  • We started a business together in high school

  • We each wrote a book in college

  • We both have been voracious learners who deeply reflect on life

  • We both are thought leaders now

  • We both have similar philosophies about living life holistically

I had five pages of questions planned, but I threw them away almost immediately.

I saw that there was an opportunity for a more authentic and deeper conversation.

Our winding life paths have been different yet eerily the same.

This opened up a much more personal conversation than the typical conversations Cal has about living a deep life. And it opened up a much more authentic conversation about thought leadership that went beyond hacks and frameworks.

I hope you enjoy!

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