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The 'AI-Boosted' Feynman Technique: How To Supercharge One Of The Most Effective Learning Techniques With AI


Video Source: Thomas Frank (highly recommend subscribing to his YouTube channel)

Author’s Note

Welcome to the fourth post in the Augmented Reading series. Below are the first three:


The one-hour webinar on Augmented Reading is tomorrow, Thursday, February 15 at 1-2 pm EST. If you’re interested in learning faster with AI and connecting personally, then come!

This event is for paying subscribers only. The Zoom link is at the bottom of this post and there will be a recording available.

Post Preview

This post introduces FeynmanGPT, which helps you use the Feynman Technique by doing three things:

  • It provides you with an instant cheat sheet of the core concepts in the book.

  • It explains any concept in a book like one of the best explainers in history.

  • It invites you to explain concepts back with repeated smart questioning until you understand them so deeply a child could understand.

In so doing, the FeynmanGPT helps you get even more from the technique. More specifically, it helps you:

  • Use the technique more consistently

  • Get more value from it with interactive support

To top things off, you can use ChatGPT in voice mode (which I provide a tutorial for here), which means you can practice explaining the concepts by talking while you’re away from your computer.

Paid subscribers get access to the full prompt that I used to create the GPT so you can use, customize, or share it. It took me six hours of iteration to get the quality I wanted from the bot.

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Feynman Technique Summary

One of my favorite quotes about learning comes from Einstein…

If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t know it well enough.

To that end, the Feynman Technique is the popular 4-step learning process developed by Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman that’s based on explaining concepts so simply that a child could understand…

The Feynman Technique: How to Learn Anything Quickly
Image Credit: todoist

The technique is named after Feynman because he is the prototypical example of a great explainer. Said differently, he’s the explainer we all wish we had growing up. To give you a taste, below is one of my favorite videos of him. In it, he explains how fire works in such a beautiful way that a child would not only understand but be fascinated.

Fun To Imagine, BBC Interview With Richard Feynman, 1981

The Feynman Technique has been around for years. What’s new is reimagining the technique for the age of AI…

Introducing FeynmanGPT

Check out a working version of FeynmanGPT that is customized for a book that changed my life in high school, How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.

Visit FeynmanGPT

Tutorial On How To Customize The GPT (For Paying Subscribers)

This section includes a tutorial and my full prompt.

This post is for paid subscribers

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