Blockbuster Blueprint: Curation Stage (Index)

This page houses the articles I wrote that talk in more detail about the Stage 4 of the Blockbuster Blueprint.

I shared the core model in this article: Blockbuster Blueprint: The Most Comprehensive Map Of Thought Leadership (Based On Thousands Of Hours Of Development).

This stage is important because standing out online is super-hard. If you’re just pulling from your life experience, you’ll likely be outcompeted by people who complement their life experiences with the best of what humanity has figured out. For any topic you’re writing about, there are likely hundreds of people who have thought for years about all or part of it and have thoughts that can improve your thoughts.

If you want to explore all of the articles where I talk about different aspects of the Curation stage, you can find them on this link. Some of them I’ve covered in the newsletter, others I will be covering in the future so stay tuned…

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