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The Medium Is The Message: Wisdom From Marshall McLuhan


Welcome to the inaugural post of Blockbuster Blueprint!

In this 1977 clip, the great philosopher of media, Marshall McLuhan, summarizes his biggest idea.

His ideas are even more relevant today given how much time we spend on media.

For example, the average person worldwide spends a jaw-dropping 11+ hours per day watching TV, listening to radio/podcasts, reading books/magazines/newspapers, or interacting on social media.

This is profound.

Put differently, media is central to the modern human experience.

We spend more time on media than we do with friends, family, food, or sex. And for many people, even more time than work.

Therefore, we should know more about its impact on us, and use it for the greatest good. More specifically, as thought leaders, we use media to share our ideas, and we use it to do research. So, the better we understand it:

  • The faster and better we can perform research while being less distracted.

  • The more we can choose the right media to express our ideas.

The challenge is t…

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Blockbuster Blueprint with Michael Simmons
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