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Thats one of the things I really love about Substack compared to Medium, Michael. It seems publishing weekly is the best cadence in part because I don't want to flood people's inbox with 3-5 articles per week. That would be intrusive. The way Substack is setup makes it so that publishing less often is the best option. There really was a lot more thought and care put into this platform than I realized when I first heard of Substack 4 years ago.

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Hope you have a wonderful vacation! 😊🌸

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Hey Michael,

Wanted to say that I really appreciate your work, been a fan since I came across your mental model infographic a couple of years back and your content has helped level up my thoughts as well as the way I do things. You're in my top 3 content creators/thought leaders that I follow on a regular basis (and I don't follow many, starting to keep a lean info diet these days). I definitely like the fact that I'm more up to date on your latest content through substack, and it's the only newsletter I've subscribed to with payment and will continue to be a subscriber for the foreseeable future.

Because your content is such high quality and often times transformative/perspective shifting, and I work a high-stress consulting job with long hours, I wasn't able to keep up with reading all of the articles within the week and digesting them thoroughly. I like to drill deep and reflect, hence I find I need to let the content percolate/bounce around in my mind for a while before I gain new perspective.

So I think you reducing the cadence of posting is a good move, at least for folks like me who work full-time jobs and are aspiring entrepreneurs or looking for transformational content to level up themselves. Doesn't hurt for you to poll readers and see what cadence they prefer, I think even in my case an in-depth article a month with a few short ones that have small updates or thought-provoking tidbits would be fine with me as well.

- Sam

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It's great to see and hear about the evolution of this newsletter.

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Thanks! Out of curiosity, what part of the evolution would you be most interested in hearing about?

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Also, I do enjoy hearing about The journey and your process of writing articles like these. I know you have a number of articles already that share your process. I find myself still absorbing the complexity and intricacy of it. I aspire to build a practice and audience to the level that you have and know I have a long way to go.

Those are my curiosities 🙂

Thanks for the follow up question.

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Thanks, Michael. I appreciated hearing about the tension between sticking to a schedule and ensuring the best quality of your posts. As a newer writer to Substack, while also being a dad to a 1.5 year old and juggling a number of other life situations (recovering from an injury, working at a "9-5", and wanting to fuel more life into my entrepreneurial projects), I have strongly felt that tension too. I really felt ya to hear you go from posting 5x per week to 1x per week.

I also resonated with your share about feeling like a kid in a candy store. I got a few glimpses of that between reading your newsletter and others who I admire and starting to write my own. I know I'm still early on this particular Substack writing journey. However, I am exploring ways to more easily pull from other experiences from my life (martial artist, coach, management consultant etc.) to infuse into this creation process - both for content and mental models.

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The Six Principles of Timing the Next Big Thing


Thank you for sharing your personal situation regarding progress and experience with this platform. As you wrote last week, there were a million things about which you could have written, but you selected an essential lesson on timing. Specifically, the business incubator's finding regarding the paramountcy of timing for entrepreneurs was surprising and a counterintuitive conclusion. It gives us an important perspective upon which to reflect. Below is a link to a visual representation of your article on the Six Principles of Timing the Next Big Thing.



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