Blockbuster Blueprint: Preparation Stage (Index)

This page houses the articles I wrote that talk in more detail about the Stage 2 of the Blockbuster Blueprint.

I shared the core model in this article: Blockbuster Blueprint: The Most Comprehensive Map Of Thought Leadership (Based On Thousands Of Hours Of Development).

The Stage 2, or Prepare, has several aspects that I’ve broken down below. However, if you want to explore all of the articles on this topic, you can find them on this link.

Some of these aspects I’ve covered in the newsletter, others I will be covering in the future so stay tuned…

1. Learn About Thought Leadership

Mental Models For Thought Leaders

Below are my top picks of articles on mental models for thought leaders:

Blockbuster Mental Model
Multi-Perspectile Thinking
Modern Thought Leader
The Flywheel

The Bezos Flywheel: The #2 Mental Model That Has Helped Me Succeed As A Thought Leader. One question Jeff Bezos was often asked when he was the CEO of Amazon was one we all need to ask ourselves… What’s going to change in the next 10 years? It’s a profound question because the world is changing so rapidly and because the decisions we make now determine our destiny.

6D Thinking

6D Thinking: Bezos, Musk, & Buffett Learn Faster And Better Because They See Learning Differently. Over my last 8 years of writing about history’s most influential innovators and successful entrepreneurs and Nobel Laureates, I’ve realized that they don’t just work harder or do more productivity hacks. They actually inhabit a different paradigm of reality that’s hard to see. The big clue is that many of their core work habits go completely against conventional wisdom…

If you want to dive into mental models on thought leadership I shared over the years with the members of our Mental Model Club, you can check them out on this link—and join the club yourself!


Brutal Truth: It Takes Years To Become A $100k Thought Leader Working Part-Time (Unless You're Lucky). This post is for all of the people who are wondering what’s actually required to be a full-time thought leader earning $100,000+ a year while impacting thousands of people. 

2. Strategize


There are many considerations that go into selecting the main platform for sharing your ideas. I’m now convinced that, for the foreseeable future, your main efforts should go into building a paid newsletter. Below are some articles where I share why, along with some case studies: